HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We want to take a moment to thank you for supporting StillGoode in 2021! We love helping people in our community safely buy and sell their items. Y'all kept us very busy this year! Our team received over 46,000 emails, 23,000 phone calls, over 5,000 web orders, and held 47 online auctions! In 2021 we sold a total of 50,036 items for our consignors and of all the items consigned in 2021 we sold 98% and 2/3 of those items were sold in the first few weeks on the floor.
Want to know what our most popular items were this past year? We ran the numbers - take a look at some of our more popular categories:
- 2,388 Art & Mirrors Sold
- 831 Lamps Sold
- 683 Designer Handbags Sold
- 639 Stemware Sets Sold
- 588 Chairs Sold
- 435 Coffee Tables Sold
- 433 Sideboards Sold
- 310 Dressers Sold
- 274 Dining Sets Sold
- 260 China Sets Sold
- 233 Sofas Sold
- 215 Beds Sold
- 163 Bookcases Sold
- 157 Chandeliers Sold
- 144 China cabinets Sold
- 143 Desks Sold
In 2021 our website had over 7 million page views! Over 32,400 items were consigned in 2021 and we gained 911 brand new consignors. The StillGoode team expanded to 27 full-time associates. We have the BEST team! In May of 2021 StillGoode celebrated our 16 year anniversary. We want to thank all of you for shopping and consigning with StillGoode so that we can stay in the community for many more years to come!
Have a very BLESSED and HAPPY New Year!
- Dennis, Janna and the ENTIRE StillGoode Team