Auction FAQ

    • How will I know if there is an auction? 
      • If there is an auction - it will show on the Announcement Line at the top of the website.  If you have signed up to be alerted for an auction, you will receive an email alert giving you information about the auction.
      • Additionally, we post information about the auction on Facebook, Instagram and
    • What does Dynamic Closing / Time Left mean?
      • If a bid is entered in the last 2 minutes of the time closing of an item, the closing time will be extended by 2 minutes to ensure sufficient time for bidders to submit their bids.  Dynamic Closing will continue until no bids are placed within 2 minutes.
    • How do I register to bid?
      • Registration is a two-step process. First, you have to set up a profile.  Click on "New Bidder" and enter the required information.  If you choose to hide your username, random letters (ex: jxxxxu) will be shown instead of your name. 
      • Once you have created a profile you can then register for the auction you are interested in bidding.
    • What are the Terms & Conditions for each auction? 
      • The Terms & Conditions are different for each one of our auctions.  When you register for our auction you are required to acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions prior to being able to bid on an item.  Another way to see them is in the item listing, the box below the description is where the Terms & Conditions is where it is located. 
    • Do I have to pay taxes on items won in the auction?  
      • Yes, unless you are a reseller and have completed a sales tax exemption form provided by the State Comptroller and provided to the auctioneer.  This will be required for every auction even if you have filled one out with us in a prior auction.
    • What is a Buyer's Premium? 
      • A Buyer's Premium is a percentage (10%) added to the winning bid (hammer price) and is payable as part of the total purchase price to the auctioneer.  Sales tax is applicable to the buyer's premium unless the buyer has filled out the complete sales tax exemption form provided by the State Comptroller and provided to the auctioneer for each auction.
    • When or How do I preview the auction items in person?  
      • Look in the Terms & Conditions for the auction and the location and times for the preview will be listed there.
    • What are the "Bid Increments" for the site?  
      • All bids are in whole dollars and must be a complete & full bid increment above the previous high bid. Please check the item to make sure that your bidder number is listed as the High Bidder, if not, you are not the successful bidder.

    ​The bid increments are as follows:

    Opening bid is $5

    5 to 299 is $2.50 raise/increment

    300 to 999 is $10 raise/increment

    1000 to 2499 is $25 raise/increment

    2500 to 4999 is $50 raise/increment

    5000 to 9999 is $100 raise/increment

    10,000 to 25,000 is $250 raise/increment

  • How do I place an Auto-Bid or a Max-Bid? ​​To place a maximum bid or an auto-bid, just enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid on an item and enter that amount where it says "Place Bid"
    • The program will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid.
    • Always refresh your page to see the current price.
    • Remember when placing auto-bids that our site does not use increments less than the published bid increment above.  
    • Please check the item to make sure that you are listed as the high bidder, if not, you are not the successful bidder.
  • ​I bid $x.xx amount and the program says it accepted my bid, but I am not the high bidder? Why?  
    • Someone has previously placed an auto-bid or a max-bid amount higher than your bid.  Always look to make sure you have received a notice that you are the high bidder.  You should refresh your web page to make sure of the current information.  If you have elected to hide your username, the word “winning” will appear in green on the catalog page.
  • ​How do I pay for my purchases?  
    • Immediately after the conclusion of the auction, generally within 2 hours, you will receive an invoice from the auctioneer via email.  If you receive an email saying your card was declined you will be able to pay in person at the time of pick up using Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or cash.
  • How do I place a bid on an item?  
    • To place a bid on an item, you must first be a registered user of the site and be logged into your account.  In the box on the right side where it says “Place Bid”, enter the amount of your bid and hit enter.  If you have the high bid you will see a notice on the screen.  If someone has placed a higher max bid, you will see a notice that you have been outbid.  You always have the option to raise your bid.
  • Can a bid be removed?
    • No - Once a bid is placed, the bidder who placed the bid is responsible for that amount. All Bids are A Binding Contract. Bidder acknowledges that once a bid is offered, the Bidder shall be bound by the bid amount. Bids can not be withdrawn or retracted. Verify your information entered (ie: bid amount, correct item, etc) before submitting your bids.
  • Where do I find information about Pickup & Removal of my winning items?   
    • All pick up is by appointment.  The Calendar to schedule an appointment is release as soon as the auction invoices are sent out.  Click HERE to schedule your pick up time. 
    • Pick up and removal information can be found on the homepage of the auction.  This information is also included in the invoice email and is also included at the top of each invoice. 
  • What if I cannot pick up my items during the posted auction times.
    • StillGoode conducts a lot of auctions and does not have space and resources to hold your items beyond what is listed in the Terms & Conditions.  
    • Please contact the Auctioneer at to communicate if you are not able to pick up within the pickup schedule.
  • If you cannot attend the scheduled pickup date, time, and location then PLEASE DO NOT BID!
  • What if I have questions that are not answered here?  

    • ​Please email the auctioneer at 

Please do not call the consignment store.  Personnel at StillGoode Consignments do not have any information about the auctions and are not available to answer auction questions.